Hope in Legends, Sharing Spirit


Hope in Legends, Sharing Spirit

Echoes of The Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder 

by Stacey Lane and J. Adam Burch 


When humans lose strength and our courage escapes us, we turn to symbols of hope.  It is multicultural, we lose ourselves, but it is the one in a million chance that a sign will be born into our reality and the thunder that welcomes the rains of prosperity.  Our legends live through the stories we tell, the lessons learned universal no matter the dialect, what is life without hope.

Some cultures, although scattered and bruised, remain despite generations of battles, living on to share their legends and sharing their symbols of hope.  Some legends even echo in the names in the hills, rumbling in the mountains, the foothills and valleys of New Mexico, with names like Buffalo Thunder. 

According to Former Pojoaque Pueblo Governor George Rivera, “Buffalo Thunder” is a symbol of strength for Native Americans.  “The white buffalo is seen by Native Americans as a symbol of hope and renewal for humanity, and for harmony between people of all races, in our world today,” said Rivera.  George Rivera further helped design the official Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder logo, as well as the interior design and furnishings, with ancient roots and vibrant cultures.

Located just north of Tesuque, in Los Alamos county the neighboring towns of Pojoaque and Nambe offer incredible views of the many mountain ranges.  Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder Resort is New Mexico’s largest and most expensive resort and largest destination casino resort.   With its beginning of the High Road to Taos, Pojoaque is known as the crossroads of the Espanola Valley.  

With the Santa Fe Municipal Airport only 15 minutes away, this Hilton resort brings in both locals in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque areas as well as travelers afar.  There is something for everyone, and now with its direct flights, Phoenicians are also capitalizing on this escape from the ordinary. Top cultural experiences including the Poeh Museum Cultural Center, historic Roman Catholic Church at Chimayo, and the bronze foundry in Tesuque are just minutes from the resort.

The 395 rooms feature authentic Pueblo design elements and the handcrafted furnishings surround your adventure.  In addition, the resort offers nine on-site dining options, the casino, full-service spa and health club.  Its outdoor pool shines light on the golf course and tennis courts surrounded by plush vegetation and panoramic views.  

The Buffalo Thunder Casino located adjacent to the resort offers Las Vegas-style gaming including 1,200 slots, 18 tables, roulette wheels and a poker room with weekly tournaments. The casino hosts year-round entertainment from internationally famous live bands to stand-up comedy, and is home to the Shadeh nightclub.

For a perfect roll of the dice, Native American Art is on display throughout the resort representing $2 million dollars of artwork from Native American artists, from bronze and marble sculptures to stained glass, pots and woven baskets, the collection is maintained by an in-house curator.   

The Towa Golf Club plays on the indigenous rock formations and surround the Butterfly Walking Trails, while the Wo’Pin Spa specializes in treatments that reflect the deep roots of the Pueblo heritage.


Friendly concierge services and sightseeing tours offer a wide selection that draw on the natural surrounding healing elements.   Although the world can be overwhelming, the spirit ensured they never felt alone, and so hope is shared through the symbols of the buffalo and legends brought by thunder.   

To learn more visit;  http://buffalothunderresort.com


Stained glass with colorful hues accompany three lucky sisters in their winning streak. 

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